LS II Lineside Features, Loco Shed

LS II Lineside Features, Loco Shed, Water Tower, Goods Shed


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Number LS II
Name Lineside Features, Loco Shed, Water Tower, Goods Shed
First year published 1949
Publisher Micromodels
Number of cards 8 plus sheet with instructions for set LS II
Size of cards 9 x 13 cm
Scale 1 : 200
Description First and only printing in 1949 at 1/8d.
The model was never catalogued as out of print, and stocks were purchased by Broadway Approvals in 1956, and later passed on to the Watford Model Supply Co. in 1971.

There is an additional sheet of paper, which is similar to the sheet in LS I. It gives constructional details and a drawing of the water tower chimney. This sheet of paper is necessary as the instructions inside the wrapper are for set LS I.

The wrapper artwork shows a loco shed with four roof sections, although in actual fact a much larger shed can be constructed from the kit with six roof sections.

Micromodels London issued a reprint of the Loco Shed.