The latest Micromodels news.

December 2022:

  • PN-145 Tokyo Paper Nano (2)Paper Nano produced quite a number of new models: set PN-136 to PN-150, set PND-006 and set PND-007. They contain a variety of models, from musical instruments to pirate ships and city highlights.

November 2022:

  • Micromodels London published a new model: SE 2 BountySE 2 Bounty Micromodels London

January 2021:

  • Another original catalogue from Micromodels showed up, catalogue P. This catalogue was issued march 1954

September 2020:

  • An original catalogue from Micromodels showed up. This catalogue was issued in 1952 and was marked with the letter B. It was part of a large series of similar catalogues printed from 1952 to 1957.

August 2020:

  • D.G.Models Bluebird Ruskin MuseumD.G. Models issued a reprint of the Bluebird for the Ruskin museum.

July 2020:

  • David O’Dowd has some nice tips on how to adapt existing locomotives into new versions.

May 2020:

  • SECS1 South Eastern & Chatham Railway Passenger Train MillimodelsMillimodels issued a new model: a passenger train from the South Eastern & Chatham Railway

December 2019:

  • OW 2 Oil Abadan SetA revised model of the Oil “Abadan” Set has been published by MicromodelsUSA. This version has coloured sheets and a laser cut sheet is added. It will now be much easier to construct all the steelwork.

November 2019:

  • Justin Olson designed six new railway models: Set NS VI and Set PG X.
    Free downloads are available!

April 2019:

  • On the website all the free downloads of Zio Prudenzio can be found, including the Micromodelli.

Paper Nanofebruary 2019:

  • In september 2013 Kawada Ltd. from Japan started a new kind of paper models: all the parts are cut by laser technology. So cutting out all those tiny parts is not needed anymore.
    The series is called Paper Nano. The models are highly detailed and many of the models meet the Micromodels standard.