The latest Micromodels news.

April 2024:

  • Matthew Sparks, the owner of MicromodelsUSA, alas stopped publishing his beautiful models. The remaining stock wil be sold by Marcle Models.

Januari 2024:

  • Millimodels issued a beautiful new model: Set SECS2, a goods train from theSECS2 South Eastern & Chatham Railway Goods Train Millimodels
    South Eastern & Chatham Railway

December 2022:

  • PN-145 Tokyo Paper Nano (2)Paper Nano produced quite a number of new models: set PN-136 to PN-150, set PND-006 and set PND-007. They contain a variety of models, from musical instruments to pirate ships and city highlights.

November 2022:

  • Micromodels London published a new model: SE 2 BountySE 2 Bounty Micromodels London

January 2021:

  • Another original catalogue from Micromodels showed up, catalogue P. This catalogue was issued march 1954

September 2020:

  • An original catalogue from Micromodels showed up. This catalogue was issued in 1952 and was marked with the letter B. It was part of a large series of similar catalogues printed from 1952 to 1957.

August 2020:

  • D.G.Models Bluebird Ruskin MuseumD.G. Models issued a reprint of the Bluebird for the Ruskin museum.

July 2020:

  • David O’Dowd has some nice tips on how to adapt existing locomotives into new versions.

May 2020:

  • SECS1 South Eastern & Chatham Railway Passenger Train MillimodelsMillimodels issued a new model: a passenger train from the South Eastern & Chatham Railway