WM Watermill

WM Watermill


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Number WM
Name Water-mill
First year published 1948
Publisher Micromodels
Number of cards 6
Size of cards 9 x 13 cm
Scale 1 : 300
Description First and only printing in 1948 at 1/3d.
Catalogued as out of print in 1950.
The wrapper is in colour, but the cards are in black and white.
This is one of the few working Micromodels with the watermill designed to rotate. You could, in fact, waterproof the model with banana oil so that the pond could be filled with water and the water wheel rotated by actual running water.

Autocraft has printed three versions of the Watermill:

  • one printed straight from the original printing plates. This version is printed on modern white paper, so it is distinguishable from the original. Collectors have to be cautious because when you see only a picture of this model it is impossible to determine if it is an original or a re-issue.
  • one with Autocraft on the bottom, price removed.
  • one with the head Micro New Models.

Micromodels London has designed a wrapper, and has the intention to publish the model in the near future.