NS IV LB&SC Stroudley Tank, LSWR Tank, BR Standard Pacific

NS IV LB&SC Stroudley Tank, LSWR 4-8-0 Tank, BR Standard Pacific


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Number NS IV
Name L.B. & S.C. 0-4-2 “Stroudley” Tank, L.S.W.R. 4-8-0 Tank, British Railways Standard Pacific 70,000
First year published 1951
Publisher Micromodels
Number of cards 6
Size of cards 9 x 13 cm
Scale 1 : 200
Description First and only printing in 1951 at 2/-d, printed in black and white.
It was never re-issued in colour. We thus see a 2/- wrapper without the red over-printing as seen on the sets NS I, NS II and NS III.

Micromodels London has issued a reprint.

David O’Dowd built a different version of the BR 4-6-2. He describes his method of making new versions of existing models on this page.

Chris Palmer, who has built the BR 4-6-2 loco, said about the model:“The cab design is absolutely wrong for this type of loco – it looks like the cab from the “Flying Scotsman“. I had to redesign this and as the kit was uncoloured, the new and kit parts could be overpainted with enamel paint without any mismatch of printed and scratch built parts.

I used a technique for the wheels which may be of interest, to get the spokes cut out more effectively and neatly. The inner circle within the wheel surround is cut away. And the space between the spokes can then be cut with simple straight strokes. The spokes are then glued back into the surround and the whole cut to the outer wheel profile.

I have locos with the Micromodel suggestion of making the wheels from perspex with the spokes scribed on. But this isn’t too good since it really just looks like what it is and the wheels glisten in the light”