Lineside Disused Coach

LNER Lineside Disused Coach


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Name ‘Lineside’ Disused Coach
First year published
Publisher Modelcraft
Number of cards 2
Size of cards 25 x 10 cm
Scale Gauge OO
Description Issued in the 1950s at 6d.

The coach is without wheels and is in two versions: LNER red/teak and in brown. It is shown in distressed condition with cracked windows and graffiti. On the reverse of the card is the 77 Grosvenor address.

The brown version of the Disused Coach card is left over from a range of wood and card kits that Modelcraft issued in the 1950s.

The 1955 edition of the Modelcraft Annual illustrates the dis-used coach as part of a general kit of trackside features.
Quotation from the annual: “Trackside features price 4/4½d. Containing Weighbridge, Platelayer’s Hut, Frogman’s Hut, Buffer Stop, Ballast Bins (2) and Disused Coach“.
There are 10 of these OO gauge kits catalogued, all containing wood, printed card, celluloid windows, building paper, plans and instructions.
They are:

  • Country Station
  • Suburban Station
  • Platform Kit
  • Footbridge
  • Large Goods Station
  • Locomotive Shed
  • Water Towers
  • Trackside Features
  • Large Signal Cabin
  • Small Signal Cabin

The Signal Cabin above is not part of this series as it is OOO gauge.
These kits would only have concerned the Micromodel collector if the card portion was marketed as a separate micromodel.

The Lineside Disused Coach was advertised in Meccano magazine, July 1960.
And the August 1960 ad describes the model as “A new Micromodel”.