Biography Geoffrey Heighway

Biography of Geoffrey Heighway

Geoffrey Heighway is the person behind the company Micromodels Ltd. Yet little is known about his personal life.

Official UK records show he was born in Hornsea, East Riding of Yorkshire on March 10th 1884. He was married in Wandsworth in December 1910.

When Geoffrey Heighway started the Micromodels company in the 1940s he must have been at retirement age. He was a retired advertising man.

It has long been assumed that when Geoffery Heighway sold the Micromodels company in 1956 he was terminally ill and died at that time. But no evidence has been found of his illness in 1956. He may have simply decided it was time to stop and sell on the company. Geoffrey Heighway died on February 26th 1959, in St Anthony’s hospital, Sutton and Cheam, Surrey.

It seems remarkable that a guy who is currently revered by a number of organizations copying his Micromodels concept ( D.G. Models, Micromodelle Heidelberg, Micromodels London, MicromodelsUSA and Millimodels) is such an anonymous character in history!

Courtesy of Frank C. Odds