Heritage Models

Heritage Models

In the 1970s there were published four beautiful paper models under the name Heritage Models by Alex “Jock” Campbell. He was the owner of the shop Seagull Models, London.
Alex Campbell was the main importer of Jade Verlag (Willhelmshaven) and JFS (Schreiber).
He also had a very large stock of old Micromodels.
He supplied Scale Models magazine with interesting articles on card modelling, and was card modellings UK Mr. Big in the 1970s and early 1980s.
Do not confuse these publications with the Heritage Models of Roger Pattenden.

The models are:

No. 1 St. Paul’s Cathedral
No. 2 York Minster
No. 3 Buckingham Palace
No. 4 Tower of London

They are slightly larger than the original Micromodels, but with the same “feel”.
The layout of the sheets are similar to a micromodel card, and the tabs of the parts are also lacking.
When you scale the model down a little, you have something  that really matches a Micromodel.

The Tower of London was also published by Micromodels, but the Heritage Models model has a completely new design.