Micromodelle Heidelberg

Micromodelle Heidelberg

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Old London Bridge

There is a German publisher: Micromodelle Heidelberg run by Marian Schahn.

Micromodelle Heidelberg started to release a range of re-issues of the original Micromodels.
Gladly they altered the wrapper slightly, so you cannot confuse them with the originals.

Micromodelle Heidelberg also designed many new models. Most of them are German based. The packets are very similar to the original Micromodels: small cards with a coloured wrapper around it. The prices of the models are printed on the wrappers in euro’s ( € ) . Every model comes with a plastic bag to keep the model clean.
Most of these models are also published by Micromodels London Ltd. They redesigned the wrappers, but the models are identical.

Some comments about the quality and a description of some models can be read on the Micromodels London page.