Zioprudenzio Micromodelli

Zioprudenzio Micromodelli

Zioprudenzio was an Italian pubisher, it was run by Fabrizio Prudenziati (1946 – 2014). He lived in Genua.
In 1976 he founded the company “Grifo”, and produced lead toy soldiers.

Fabrizio founded and presided the Accademia Genovese di Modellismo e Collezionismo in 1977.
The next year he left Grifo and founded the firm “Ares” and produced the lead toy soldiers up to 1984.

Later on he started to publish many different kind of paper models, including Micromodelli. These beautifully detailed “Micromodelli” are Italian railways related, and in the 1 : 160 scale, slightly larger than the railway models of Micromodels. They were all designed by Fabrizio.

The Micromodelli were free for download on their no more existing website.

Here are a few examples: