AV III Canberra B Mk 2 and Avro 707B

AV III Canberra B MK2 and Avro 707B


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Number AV III
Name English Electric Canberra B Mk 2 and Avro 707B
First year published 1953
Publisher Micromodels
Number of cards 6
Size of cards 9 x 13 cm
Scale Canberra 1 : 200
Avro 1 : 100
Description First and only printing was in 1953 at 2/6d.
No significant stocks were passed from Broadway Approvals to the Watford Model Supply Company in 1971.

The wrapper is very well drawn but the artwork of the cards looks a little hurried as if Heighway was in a rush to pad out the aviation section of the catalogue.

Micromodels London has designed a wrapper, and has the intention to publish the Canberra and Avro 707B model in the near future.