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Display Stand


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Name Display Stand
First year published 1954
Publisher Micromodels
Small Display Stand: Height 36 cm (14″), from front to back 21 cm (8 1/4″)

Small Display Stand

The 1958 Trade order form of Broadway Approvals illustrates a small free standing display stand that was free to any retailer putting in an order for Micromodels of ¬£3.00 or more. These units were designed to stand on a retailer’s shop counter.
The stand is made of brown card approximately 2 mm thick and is laminated with the art work. The folds are reinforced by white woven tape. There are 6 slots for Micromodel packets.
The design is of the die-cut flat-pack type.

The latest model illustrated on the sides is a tram from set TR I issued in 1953. Prices are shown on the header card ranging from 1/8d to 3/6d. Hampton Court Palace was issued in 1954 at 3/6d. As some Micromodels reached 4/-d in 1955 and later, we can presume that this stand dates from 1954.

One Display Stand could be found at the former Cumberland Model and Toy Museum.

Larger Display Stands

Several mock-ups of much larger display stands exist in the Micromodel archive. These units would have attractively displayed a large selection of packet Micromodels. They were intended to be made of thick card and would have folded up out of a flat pack. It is thought unlikely that any of these larger units reached production status.

Metal Display Stand

In the late 1950s the Storm Company of Minneapolis designed a wire rack display. These display stands were used by American hobby shops.
It can contain 12 stacks of models. On the top a Showcard can be mounted. In this case the showcard contains  the packet artwork of Six Little Ships and Galleons.