ARC XXI Hampton Court Palace

ARC XXI Hampton Court Palace


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Number and name
ARC XXI A Hampton Court Palace: Anne Boleyn’s Gate, Great West Gate etc.
ARC XXI B Hampton Court Palace: The Great Hall etc.
ARC XXI C Hampton Court Palace: State Apartments, Fountain Court etc.
First year published 1954
Publisher Micromodels
number of cards
– Set A
card 1-11
two base cards
two cards on thin paper with ridge tiles and chimney stacks
one small strip
– Set B
card 12-21
two base cards
– Set C
card 22-30
2 base cards
one half card on thin paper
one small strip
Size of cards 9 x 13 cm
Scale 1 : 1000
Description First and only printing was in 1954.
This was Micromodel’s largest model. Each pack was sold separately at 3/6d, although interestingly each wrapper showed the price of 3/4d deleted. All three packs were required to make up a complete Hampton Court Palace model.
Micromodels also produced a master wrapper enclosing the A, B and C packs, which enabled the retailers to sell the model as a complete set. The price was reduced to 6/-d. On the front of the wrapper is the claim by Micromodels that this model cost £1,000 to issue.
This master wrapper appears to have been first issued in 1955.

The standard of artwork of the packets is excellent.

Autocaft and Micromodels London also published this set along with the master wrapper.

Kenilworth Press published this model in their “Limited Edition” series. It is about twice the size of the original and is numbered LTD-10