Catalogues in sepia 1950 – 1951

Micromodels Catalogues in sepia 1950 – 1951


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Name Catalogue in sepia
Years published 1950 & 1951
Publisher Micromodels
Number of catalogues 2
Size of catalogues 41 x 33 cm and 33 x 25 cm
Description The format of the catalogue changes in late 1950. It is now rectangular 41 x 33 cm, folding to approximately 14 x 11 cm. Printed on both sides in sepia.

LS III is still catalogued as in preparation, as are TOY III and TOY IV.
For the first time the catalogue carries practical information on how to construct Micromodels. The Company address is shown as 6 Raquet Court.

 There is also a smaller version of this catalogue, approximately 33 x 25 cm. At first glance the artwork and script appears to be identical with the previous catalogue. There are however subtle variations. LS III is now available at 3/4d. Newgate is now ready etc. The Company address has changed from 6 to 3 Raquet Court. This catalogue is probably dated early 1951.