Catalogues in strip form 1949 – 1950

Micromodels Catalogues in strip form 1949 – 1950


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Name Catalogue in strip form
Years published 1949 & 1950
Publisher Micromodels
Number of catalogues 3
Size of catalogues 74 x 10 cm
Description These catalogues are undated, so deduction has to be used to assign a date. Catalogues with 1/3d prices are from 1947, 1/6d from 1948, 1/8d from 1949.
1950 gets a bit messy with a few stragglers of 1/8d at the beginning of the year, some 1/9d models in the middle of the year and 2/- at the end of the year. 1951 firms up with lots of 2/-d packets.

The catalogues are in strip form. They fold up to the quarter of the length.
They are well illustrated and printed on both sides in sepia. The catalogues have the illustration of the complete SD 1-8 layout which was later used in the book “Making Models in Card“.

 Mid 1949
Late 1949
Early 1950
The 1949 catalogues list a vast number of locomotives in preparation, or contemplated. This section is eliminated from the early 1950 catalogue, and most of the projects are never catalogued again:

Geoffrey Heighway’s preference towards old pre-grouping locomotives likely stems from the fact he grew up during the pre-grouping era of British railways. Many of these old locomotives were facing the scrap line by 1950. There were many great, colorful steam locomotives back then and they all tend to look as nice as Micromodels.

Some of the models listed in preparation would be easy to adapt. David O’Dowd has some interesting tips on how to re-build existing models into new versions.

CR, Caledonian Railway
0-6-0, designed by Justin Olson as part of set PG X
4-6-0 “Cardean”
8 ft. Single, a model was built by David O’Dowd
Cambrian Railway
Furness Railway
0-4-0 Bury “Coppernob”
GCR, Great Central Railway
Q.4 Class 0-8-0
4-6-0 No. 6165 “Valour”
GER, Great Eastern Railway
0-6-0 Goods Locomotive
J.68 Class 0-6-0 Tank
0-10-0 “Decapod”
F.5 Class 2-4-0 Tank
2-4-2 “Sinclair”
B.12 Class 4-6-0 Express Passenger
GNR, Great Northern Railway
Stirling’s Celebrated 2-2-2
O.2 Class 2-8-0
4-2-2 (Last of the Single Drivers)
4-4-2 Atlantic  “Henry Oakley”
4-4-2 Tank
GSWR, Glasgow & South Western Railway
4-6-4 Tank
GWR, Great Western Railway
0-6-0 Pannier Tank, published by Millimodels as set GWS2
5600 Class 0-6-2 Tank
2-2-2 “Northstar” 1837
2-2-2 Single
2-4-0 No. 3210
2-4-2 Tank
4700 Class 2-8-0 Freight
The Last Type of 4-2-2
Bulldog Class 4-4-0, designed by Justin Olson as part of set NS VI
County Class 4-4-0
Earl Class 4-4-0
De Glehn Compound 4-4-2
The First 4-6-0 N0. 100, designed by Justin Olson as part of set NS V
Railcar and Coaches
LBSC, London Brighton & South Coast Railroad
0-4-2 “Stroudley” Tank
0-6-0 “Terrier” Tank, designed by Justin Olson as part of set NS V
0-6-2 Tank “Lordington”
LC&D Ry., London, Chatham & Dover Railway
2-4-0 Tank
LMS, London Midland & Scottish Railway
Standard 0-8-0 Freight
0-10-0 Lickey Banking
2-6-0 “Horwich”
3.P Class 2-6-2 Tank
8.F Class 2-8-0 Freight
General Utility Class 4-6-0
Patriot Class 4-6-0, designed by Justin Olson as part of set NS VI
4-6-0 “Royal Scot”, designed by Justin Olson as part of set NS V
4.P Class Tank Loco
LNER, London North Eastern Railway
N.7 Class 0-6-2 Tank
Q.1 Class 0-8-0 Tank
V.2 Class 2-6-2 “Green Arrow”
D.16 Class 4-4-0
A.1 Class 4-6-2 “Flying Scotsman”. This model is published by Modelcraft.
LNWR, London North Western Railway
0-6-0 “Cauliflower”
0-6-2 Webb Tank
0-8-0 Goods Locomotive
2-2-2 (2-2-2-0) “Adriatic”, set PG VI, published by MicromodelsUSA
2-2-2- Compound “Jeanny Deans”
2-4-2 “Greater Britain”
4-6-0 “Prince of Wales”
LPTR, London (Bakerloo Stock)
Motor Car and Coaches
LSWR, London South Western Railway
0-4-2 “Jubilee”, set PG VI, published by MicromodelsUSA
Beyer Peacock 0-6-0
An Early Tank 2-2-2
4-4-0 “Drummond” 1904
4-4-2 Passenger Tank
G.16 Class 4-8-0 Tank
L&YR, Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway
0-6-0 Aspinall, published by Millimodels as set LYS1
Metropolitan Railway
0-4-4 Tank
MR, Midland Railway
0-4-4 Tank
0-4-4 Well Tank
0-6-0 Goods Locomotive
Ministry of Supply
0-6-0 Austerity Shunter
American Built 2-8-0
NBR, North British Railway
4-4-0 “Rob Roy”
4-4-2 Atlantic “Borderer”, designed by Justin Olson as part of set PG X
NER, North Eastern Railway
4-2-2 Single
4-4-0 1896
4-4-2 Atlantic, designed by Justin Olson as part of set NS VI
A.2 Pacific Class 4-6-2 No. 2402 City of New York
NLR, North London Railway
4-4-0 Tank
NSR, North Staffordshire Railway
SR, Southern Railway
B.4 Class 0-4-0 Shunting Tank
Q.1 Class 0-6-0 Goods Locomotive
Z Class 0-8-0 Tank
2-6-2 No. 760, Lynton and Barnstaple
W Class 2-6-4 Tank
D.1 Class 4-4-0
H.15 Class 4-6-0
 Canadian National Railways 4-8-4 Passenger Locomotive
 4-8-4 Chinese National Railways Mixed Traffic Locomotive
 4-6-2 Great Indian Peninsula Railway
 Iraqui State Railways 4-6-2 Locomotive
American Civil War “General”
Burlington Zephyr“, Diesel Electric (Stainless Steel), U.S.A. This model was published by MicromodelsUSA as set F III.
Electric Locomotive, Pennsylvania Railroad, U.S.A
Giant Freight Locomotive, Pennsylvania Railroad, U.S.A
Southern Pacific Locomotive, U.S.A. This model was published by MicromodelsUSA as set FIII, the C.P. Huntington.