Micromodels Australia, World Locomotives

Micromodels Australia, World Locomotives


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Number A I, AC I, C I, C II, F I, H I, HM, M I, M II
Name Micromodels Australia, World Locomotives
First year published 1948
Publisher James G. Conolly Pty. Ltd.
Number of models 9
Scale 1 : 200
Description In 1948 Micromodels UK send out some printing plates to James G. Conolly Pty. Ltd., of 222 Clarence Street, Sydney, Australia.
The format is slightly different to a UK micromodel in that the kit is in booklet form. The wrapper becomes a book cover and the cards are doubles on poor quality paper stapled in the centre. Size and coloring is the same as a UK original. Price was 1/- Australian.

In place of “Micromodels” on the bottom of the front cover is “James G. Conolly Pty Ltd. Made in Australia“, whilst on the back cover the text reads “Made in Australia under Licence from Micromodels Ltd., London“.
The back of the books also lists A I, AC I, C I, C II, F I, H I, HM, M I and M II in a series of World Locomotives.

Not all of these models have been produced. As far as we know only four models are issued:

A I Pennsylvania Railroad & Canadian Pacific Locos
C II Royal South African Train
HM Stirling Single & LNER Pacific
M II Princess Coronation Class & and West Country Class