PG VIII LSWR Drummond, LNWR Greater Britain, GNR Ivatt Atlantic

PG VIII LSWR Drummond, LNWR Greater Britain, GNR Ivatt Atlantic

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Number PG VIII
Name Drummond 4.6.0 L.S.W.R., “Greater Britain” L.N.W.R., Ivatt Atlantic G.N.R.
First year published 1953
Publisher Micromodels
Number of cards 6
Size of cards 9 x 13 cm
Scale 1 : 200
Description First and only printing in 1953 at 2/6d.
No re-print catalogued.
Large stocks survive through to the present day.
It is strange is that PG VIII pre-dates PG VII and that one of its locos, the Drummond is from the missing PG VI.

Micromodels London has issued a reprint.

The Ivatt Atlantic built by David O’Dowd is slightly enlarged to match the size of the other Micromodels.

Justin Olson has some comments about this set:“Set PG VIII was one of the later Micromodels kits featuring locomotives. It seems by this time they wanted to include more detail including fully drawn wheels with overlays for the coupling rods, axle boxes, and smokebox front. While this takes longer to build, the final result is second to none, in terms of detail.

On another note, they always advise to make the domes out of wood. Instead, I use a scrap section of card, roll this into a cylinder, and attach a flat conical panel to the top. Then I trim the bottom so it fits on the boiler properly. The dome is colored all over, with the results looking superb.”