X Passenger Coaches

Set X Passenger Coaches


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Number “X”
Name Passenger Coaches
First year published 1949
Publisher Micromodels
Number of cards 6
Size of cards 9 x 13 cm
Scale 1 : 200
Description First isssued in 1949 at 1/8d, although it may have been published a year earlier at 1/6d.
Small leaflets enclosed with models during 1948, catalogue the model at 1/6d. As yet no example of a 1/6d edition has turned up, so this may be a catalogue error.

Re-printed in 1950/1951 with an emergency wrapper at 1/9d. The reason behind the appearance of the emergency wrapper is probably explained by the fact that the coach cards were available separately at 3½d for a set of twelve cards. This would have created an imbalance between stocks of cards and stocks of wrappers.

Re-printed in 1951/1952 with an illustrated wrapper at 1/9d.
This set survived in the catalogue right through to the Broadway Approvals colour catalogues “Micromodel Kits” and “Micromodels” in 1958. However, no significant stocks were passed on to the Watford Model Supply Co. in 1971.

The Passenger Coaches set contains:

  • GWR brown and cream Corridor
  • LMS maroon Vestibule Car
  • LMS blue Coronation Coach
  • LNER teak Corridor
  • SR green Corridor
  • brown and cream Third Class Pullman

One minor criticism of the set is that no Brake Ends were available, so authentic trains of coaches could not be assembled.