C1 Weapons of War

C1 Weapons of War


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Number Series C. Set No. 1
Name Weapons of War
First year published 1942
Publisher Modelcraft
Number of cards 6
Size of cards 9 x 13 cm
Description Most likely issued in 1942 at 1/4d. There may have been an earlier edition priced at 1/-d.

The set C1 Weapons of War features a different model on each card:

  • “Matilda” Tank
  • Catapult Launching Gear
  • 3.7 inch A A Gun
  • 14 inch Battleship Gun Turret
  • A A Search Light
  • Naval Torpedo

As with sets A1 , B1, F1 and H1 the cards were varnished to protect the finish. This varnish has matured over the years giving the cards a pale brown tinge. Each card carries printed text on the reverse.

Some packets have an additional model listed: the Spitfire. Other packets have no mention of this inclusion. If Spitfire is on the packet it is usually crossed out with indelible pencil. For many years collectors thought that this was a 7 card set and that they were unlucky in having the Spitfire missing. We now think that the Spitfire was never packaged with this set and that the crossing out was performed at the collation stage.
The Spitfire appears later in set E1.

This is a very rare set.