H1 Flying Boats

H1 Flying Boats


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Number Series H. Set No. 1
Name Flying Boats
First year published 1944
Publisher Modelcraft
Number of cards 8
Size of cards 9 x 13 cm
Scale 1 : 200
Description Most likely issued in early 1944 at 1/6d
The set H1 Flying Boats features two models:

  • Short Sunderland
  • Consolidated Catalina, General Reconnaissance Flying Boat

As with sets A1 , B1, C1, and F1 the cards were varnished to protect the finish. This varnish has matured over the years giving the cards a pale brown tinge. The first and second card of each set of four carries printed text on the reverse.

The excellent packet artwork shows a Sunderland in the late war Coastal Command livery of white and grey. Strangely, the model cards make up into aircraft, camouflaged in brown and green, the livery of Coastal Command aircraft used earlier in the war. The Sunderland is in fact a very early mark without top turret.

Set H1 is rare.

Autocraft did also publish this model. They altered the wrapper to prevent confusing it with the original model:

  • The header ‘Micromodels’ is replaced by Micro New Models
  • Autocraft changed the name Modelcraft at the bottom of the wrapper in Micromodels Ltd. London. This is not correct, because Micromodels Ltd. never issued this model!
  • Instead of the number “Series H. Set No. 1” they used the numbering system of Micromodels Ltd. The first available number in line is Set AV V.

The Catalina is also published by MicromodelsUSA as set AV-6 2 PBY-5A ‘Catalina’ Seaplanes. It contains two versions of the Catalina.