LS IV Terminal Station Accessories

LS IV Terminal Station Accessories


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Number LS IV
Name Terminal Station Accessories
First year published
Publisher Micromodels
Number of cards
Size of cards
Scale 1 : 200
Description This model was never issued which is a shame as it would have greatly enhanced LS III Terminal Station.
The surviving Micromodels archive has some artwork and some sketches showing what LS IV would have looked like. The material is a long way from  being a complete model.
The 1950 catalogue also shows some information.

It was intended that LS IV would contain:

  • walls barriers
  • ground plan
  • constructional instructions for girder roof
  • two train indicators
  • time table stands
  • book stall
  • line of telephone boxes
  • enquiry bureau
  • seats
  • section of platform
  • buffer stops
  • escalator platform etc.

Catalogue entries indicate that had LS IV been issued and proved popular, more cards would have followed:

  • packets of platform lengths
  • signal gantry
  • overtrack signal cabin
  • ground disc signals
  • pavement and road strips
  • loading gauges, etc. etc.

Many collectors and OOO gauge railway modellers think that Heighway should have put more effort into completing this model, rather than the less commercial Hampton Court Palace.