Catalogue Broadway Approvals Micromodels 1958

Broadway Approvals Catalogue “Micromodels” 1958


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Name Catalogue Micromodels
Year published 1958
Publisher Broadway Approvals
Number of catalogues 2
Size of catalogues
Description Broadway Approvals published two other catalogues in colour.

The front or these two catalogues are identical, but the artwork is slightly different from the folded catalogue.
One catalogue has a price list on the back. The prices match the prices of the latest editions of the actual Micromodels. There is one exception though: set “X” has the price 1/8d of the first edition.

The prices would indicate that these catalogues are published prior to the folded catalogue.
But the catalogue has less items listed than the folded catalogue. And that would indicate that it is published after the folded catalogue. So the exact time of publishing is a little mystery.

Note that the pictures on side 2 are an exact copy from old catalogues, which included some sketches of never published models: the Steamboat Clermont and the Blaw Knox Bulldozer !

The back of the other catalogue is nearly left blank.