Catalogues 1952 – 1957

Micromodels Catalogues 1952 – 1957


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Name Catalogue
Years published 1952 – 1957
Publisher Micromodels
Number of catalogues at least 18 known
Size of catalogues 39 x 25 cm and 17 x 13 cm
Description The format changes again for late 1952. These are the first of the 1950’s catalogues with which most collectors are familiar.
The format (39 x 25) and artwork now remains the same as 1952 right up to 1957. Only the price list column changes.
There is one exception known: Catalogue O is much smaller (17 x 13 cm), has a different front with only text and is not folded.

Most catalogues have a code at the top of the price list, from code B up to code Y.

An interesting feature of catalogues B, C and D is that the Mauretania (in preparation), is given its own model number of S XI, while the Queen Elisabeth is S IX.

The following examples are known:

    • late 1952 code B
    • late 1952 code C
    • late 1952 code D
    • April 1953 code H
    • August 1953 code K
    • November 1953 code M
    • December 1953 code N
    • January 1954 code O
    • March 1954 code P
    • July 1954 code R
    • August 1954 code S
    • March 1955 code Y
    • November 1955
    • 1955 printed in black and blue
    • February 1956
    • March 1956
    • June 1956
    • February 1957
    • April 1957
    • October 1957 (shows the Mayflower )

The price list column from 1952 through to 1957 is coded:

new issue
A stocks running low
B temporarily out of print
C in preparation

The final classic period catalogue is dated October 1957 and still carries the 3 Raquet Court address, although by this time the business has been transferred to Broadway Approvals (in 1956).

The 1952 – 1957 catalogues list a number of models in preparation or contemplated, but never realised. Some of these models were already listed in the Catalogues in strip form 1949:

ARC VI Bridgegate. This set is published by MicromodelsUSA
ARC VIII Old Ludgate. Different versions of this model were published by Autocraft and MicromodelsUSA
ARC XI Temple Bar. This set is also published by MicromodelsUSA
ARC XVIII Royal Lodge
GNR 2-2-2- Stirling’s
GWR De Glehn Compound
LNWR 2-2-2 Adriatic . This model is published by MicromodelsUSA as part of set PG VI
LPTB Bakerloo Car and Coaches
LSWR 0-4-2 Jubilee . This model is published by MicromodelsUSA as part of set PG VI
SR 2-6-2 No. 760, Lynton and Barnstaple
Burlington Zephyr“, Diesel Electric (Stainless Steel), U.S.A. This model is published by MicromodelsUSA as set F III.
Great Northern Empire Builder
Milwaukee’s Hiawatha
Northwestern “400” USA
S VII S.S. Clermont. This set is published by MicromodelsUSA
TO III Blaw Knox Bulldozer
TR II Trams II. This set is also published by MicromodelsUSA