Making Models in Card

Making Models in Card


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Name Making Models in Card
First year published 1955
Publisher Micromodels
Number of pages
Size of book
19 x 13 cm
Description First and only printing in 1955 at 2/9d.
Micromodels published two books. The first publication is titled “The Micropution Population“. “Making Models in Card” is their second publication. It is a very useful and interesting book, but it seems strange that Heighway left it so long before bringing out such a necessary book of practical instructions.
It has a soft cover and contains text and illustrations.
The following illustrations are of particular interest to collectors:

There is also a list of production Micromodels and projects inside the back cover.

Supplies of this printing were catalogued by Broadway Approvals at 2/-d and 2/9d in their 1958 catalogues “Micromodel Kits“. In their 1958 catalogue “Micromodels” the booklet was priced 2/9d.

Large stocks were sold off by the Watford Model Supply Co. at 15p each.